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Jannatul Mawa Jame Mosque - Amar Yellow Pages

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Jannatul Mawa Jame Mosque

Listed in Mosques, Religious Places

Begum Rokeya Avenue, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Description: Jannatul Mawa Jame Mosque The Jannatul Mawa Jame Mosque (formerly renowned as the Mawa Jame Masjid) is a Jame Masjid of the town of Mirpur in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A gigantic ground is stretched in front of the mosque that is utilized during the eve of the holy Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, which are Muslim festivals. On the eve of Eid almost 13,000 persons can gather here entirely. The mosque is at a vital circle or junction of roads in Dhaka that is connected with… Read more...

DC Hill - Amar Yellow Pages

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DC Hill

Listed in Parks, Resorts & Picnic

DC Hill Park, Momin Rd, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Description: DC Hill Park DC Hill Park in Chittagong is very lovely place for the tourist. Most of the cultural program of Chittagong is performed here. you will see the DC banglo on the top of the hill. Any kinds of festival like bengali new year, English new year, Spring festival etc is performed here. Its location is only only one km. away from the Zero point. As the official resident of the Deputy Commissioner (D.C) is… Read more...

Noya Bazaar - Amar Yellow Pages

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Noya Bazaar

Listed in Market & Shopping Malls, Street Market

Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam Ave, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Description: Noya Bazaar Although Noya Bazaar stands just besides the Embassy of United States of America Dhaka it is not fully developed and remains an old-fashioned Dhaka bazaar where the life style, culture and infrastructure are distinctly traditional. Moreover the bazaar seems to have been by-passed by modern communications and consumerism. This Bazaar is a roadside bazaar that stretches from the main road to the nearby residential area. Rice shops, grocery, stationery, restaurants, and tea-stalls and daily needs makes… Read more...

Segunbagicha Bazar - Amar Yellow Pages

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Segunbagicha Kacha Bazar

Listed in Market & Shopping Malls

Natki Road, Segunbagicha, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Description: Segunbagicha Kacha Bazar Dhaka City Corporation Segunbagicha Kacha Bazar or locally known as Segunbagicha Bazar is a renowned landmark in the Segunbagicha area of Dhaka. The market is open throughout the week and ranges in products from raw produce, plastic products, spices, livestock and poultry, metal works and many other genre of products. Segunbagicha Kacha Bazar is placed simply close to the Paltan Area, that is often huddled with a lot of hawkers who open their stalls on the Street. The… Read more...

Suvastu Nazar Valley Shopping Mall - Amar Yellow Pages

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Suvastu Nazar Valley Shopping Mall

Listed in Bookstores, Mags, Music & Video, Children's Clothing, Cosmetics & Beauty Supply, Fabric Stores, Gift Shops, Jewelry, Leather Goods, Luggage & Bags, Market & Shopping Malls, Men's Clothing, Mobile Phones, Shoe Stores, Sports Equipment Shops, Toy Stores, Watches, Women's Clothing


Bir Uttam Rafiqul Islam Avenue, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Description: Suvastu Nazar Valley Shopping Mall Suvastu Nazar Valley Shopping Mall is a popular shopping mall for fashion products. The main clients of the market are the young generations as all shop sell latest products and emphasize the quality of their goods. Suvastu plays an important role in the evolving life-style of contemporary Dhaka. Globalization and modernization, have had an impact on Dhaka city architecture. This can be seen in the design of the markets and the market motif, manifested… Read more...

Gonoshasthaya Nagar Hospital - Amar Yellow Pages

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Gonoshasthaya Nagar Hospital

Listed in Diagnostic Center, General, Hospitals & Healthcare, Pharmacies

+880-2-8617208, 9673512, 8617383, 8617387, 8620178

House # 14/E, Road-6, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209, Bangladesh

Description: Gonoshasthaya Nagar Hospital Gonoshasthaya Nagar Hospital is working to provide better health care services for the people, particularly women and children. Facilities: It is equipped with the latest and technologically sophisticated appliances. A number of premier specialized advisors join here regularly, and it is renowned countrywide for its unparalleled round-the-clock service and utmost dedication. completely computerized Hormone and Immunology analyzers, Biochemistry and Hematology auto-analyzer, Serology auto analyzer, Coagulation analyzer, Histo pathology, Cytology, Micro biological science,… Read more...


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Faipi Falls

Listed in Tourism

Faipi Falls, Bandarban, Bangladesh

Description: Faipi Falls Faipi is another waterfall of Bandarban situated in Thaikang Para. Traveler may go there using several routes. From Thanchi or from Ruma upazilla a traveler may travel to Faipi waterfalls. Faipi Waterfalls is situated near Thaikang Para (2.5km aerial distance approx.). This trail started from Thaikang Para. There are several ways to reach Thaikang Para. You could take the Ruma-Boga Lake- Keokradong- Thaikang route or Thanchi- Boarding Para- Serkor Para- Siplampi Para-Baklai Para-… Read more...

Senpara Kacha Bazaar - Amar Yellow Pages

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Senpara Kacha Bazaar

Listed in Market & Shopping Malls, Street Market

Genius School Street, Mirpur-10, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Description: Senpara Kacha Bazaar Senpara has become one of the one the busiest streets of Dhaka City. Thousands of people visit the place as it is a connection point for a number of districts. There are always huge traffic jams particularly as the street market has captured the footpath illegally. Senpara is a bus stop even though it is close to the famous bus station. It is a dangerous area for pedestrians as it’s always crammed with buses,… Read more...

Masjid-e Baitul Karar - Amar Yellow Pages

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Masjid-e Baitul Karar

Listed in Mosques, Religious Places

Genius School Street, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Description: Masjid-e Baitul Karar The Masjid-e Baitul Karar is one such example in Bengal, which may be termed as Black Gem of Bengal. Stones used in this mosque are dark white-basalt that was transported from Rajmahal hill of Bihar through waterways. This stone mosque is situated in the district of Dhaka. According to an inscription, it was erected by a patron, Sulayman in 1558 during the reign of Ghiyath al din Bahadur Shah. The Muslim rulers were… Read more...

Gopibagh Kacha Bazaar - Amar Yellow Pages

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Gopibagh Kacha Bazaar

Listed in Market & Shopping Malls, Street Market

Rama Krishna Mission Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Description: Gopibagh Kacha Bazaar Gopibagh, One of the oldest residential area of dhaka city, mostly reknowned as the closest residential area from Motijheel & Bangabhaban. This Bazaar is a famous bazaar in Gopibagh, Motijheel. Although Gopibagh Kacha Bazaar looks old it is in fact new. Unfortunately the local road is not in good condition, and with a little rain, the road becomes muddy. Despite this the area is developing rapidly and there are multistory buildings in the area including the five star… Read more...

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